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Adding an image search configuration

Once the image has been added, it may take up to an hour for the image ID to retrieved. You can force the Lens Portal to get the latest image by running all tasks.

  1. Login to the Lens Portal

  2. In the left sidebar expand the Configuration menu and then select the Workstations option

  3. In the menu, under the Workstation setup section, select the Image search item

  4. Click the Add button. The Add Image modal will open

  5. Enter a name for the image in the Friendly name field. This can be anything and is what will be shown in the image selection dropdown on the workstation templates page.

  6. Select the platform this configuration is for from the Platform selection box

  7. Optional - Enter the image owner’s ID

  8. Enter what the image name starts with. This will be used to search for the image.

  9. Click the Add button

The ‘Add Image’ modal

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