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Advanced node options

Using these options is only advised during planned downtime or under the advice of 7FiveFive engineers, as they can result in service disruptions

Accessing the options

  1. Navigate to the Node Status page (Found in the System) menu

  2. Select the node/server you want to update the settings for from the dropdown list

  3. From the drop-down next to the Settings button, a series of advanced functions are available. It’s recommended not to use these whilst the system is being used, as it could cause service disruptions. 

Available Options



Enable/Disable maintenance mode

Will place the node into maintenance mode. This stops all file sharing and file system services and prevents them restarting when the node is rebooted.

Activate node

Starts all file sharing and file system services, and brings the node into the cluster.

Deactivate node

Stops all file sharing and file system services.

Start-up node

Instructs iDRAC to power-on the node

Shutdown node

Instructs iDRAC to power-off the node

Restart node

Instructs iDRAC to restart the node

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