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NAS Dashboard & Agent 2.2.0

New features and improvements


The NAS Dashboard now allows users and administrators to see the status of key running operations such as RAID disk rebuilds and file system rebalances. This visibility helps to provide insight on changes in system performance whilst these tasks are ongoing and aids troubleshooting. A new operations widget has been added to the main dashboard page, and there is also an operations page that shows current and past operations.

Storage controller alarm silencing

On many systems, when the storage/raid controller is rebuilding a disk or a fault has been found an alarm will be sounded. Although this is very effective at raising awareness of the issue, it can soon become irritating. With this release of the dashboard, it is now possible to silence the alarm on MegaRAID branded storage controllers.

Hardware details

The dashboard now shows some details on the underlying hardware to provide customers with more insight into how their system has been built. Node hardware details such as chassis model, manufacturer and serial number are shown along with CPU and memory information. Storage hardware details such as controller serial number and disk serial numbers are shown too.

UI refresh

Numerous elements of the user interface have been refined to provide an improved user experience. Key changes are:

  • The addition of movable dashboard widgets, allowing users to customise what is important for them and what should be seen first.

  • The addition of a collapsable sidebar, providing more space for page content or desktop displays.

  • The ‘Node’ page has been redesigned to improve the general user experience

Improved proactive monitoring

All 7FiveFive NAS systems are monitored proactively by 7FiveFive to catch any system issues before they impact customer operations. With this release, we have bolstered the metrics we monitor and added some extra events which we watch for.

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