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Pools in Lens are a group of workstations. Usually, these workstations are grouped into pools based on common characteristics. Users should be able to use any machine in the pool and get access to all the tools and applications that they require. The workstations should be interchangeable.

This core concept in Lens allows us to create a highly available system that is resilient to faults. Suppose a user’s workstation has an issue. In that case, it will automatically be made unavailable so when they connect to the Lens system they always get a healthy workstation that is ready to go.

Dynamic Pools

With the release of Lens 2024, we have added many features and improvements to the pool system. One of these key improvements was the addition of what we are calling ‘Dynamic pools’.

Administrators can now create rulesets based on a variety of platform and workstation attributes. These rulesets can be re-used across multiple pools. Workstations will then be dynamically added or removed from these pools, reducing operational overhead. Individual workstations can of course continue to be added to the pool too.

Administrators can mix and match broker-defined pools and Lens-defined pools.


The new pool creation modal

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