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Testing pool memberships

Once a pool has been created, you may want to see how the different rulesets interact. This is especially useful when troubleshooting why a workstation may not be in the pool you expect it to be in. In Lens 2024, we added a tool to test these pool memberships and provide feedback on where workstations are being filtered out.

Testing a pool’s memberships

  1. Login to the Lens Portal as an administrator

  2. In the sidebar, navigate to the Sessions


    The ‘Sessions’ menu


  3. Navigate to the Pools tab group, and select the Pools option

  4. Select the checkbox next to the pool you would like to edit

  5. Click on the Edit button


    The ‘Pool’ tab

  6. Click the Show Advanced button

  7. Click the Evaluate rule sets button


The Evaluate rule sets results

Understanding the results


The Evaluate rule sets results

What is it?

What does it show?


Rule set name

The name of the rule set that was evaluated


Rule set logic mode

The logic mode of the rule set that was evaluated. This is different to the logic mode of the pool.


Initial count

The total number of workstations that were available for adding to the pool before the rule set was evaluated


Matched count

The total number of workstations that rule set matched with



Expands the selected rule set row to show more details about the workstations that have been processed


Total matched count

After evaluating all rule sets, the total number of workstations that have been evaluated as being in the pool


Total initial count

Before evaluating any rule sets, how many workstations are available for processing

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