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Creating a pool

Set the general options

  1. Login to the Lens Portal as an administrator

  2. In the sidebar, navigate to the Sessions


    The ‘Sessions’ menu


  3. Navigate to the Pools tab group, and select the Pools option

  4. Click on the Add button


    The ‘Pools’ tab

  5. In the Create pool modal, give your pool a name

  6. If you would like, you can also change how this pool will be displayed in the Lens Portal by setting a Display name

Setting pool memberships

Workstations can be added to the pool in two ways:

  • Statically - By selecting workstations from the Workstations dropdown

  • Dynamically - By selecting one or more rule sets from the Rulesets dropdown

You can mix and match static and dynamic options on a pool.

By default, multiple rulesets will be evaluated as in an OR logic mode. This can be changed by opening the advanced options. To do this, click the Show Advanced button.

Advanced options

From the advanced options section, users can:

  • Set the logic mode to use when evaluating rule sets

  • Test how the rule sets are evaluated

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