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Silencing storage controller alarms

The 7FiveFive system supports multiple storage controller platforms such as Dell PERC and Broadcom MegaRAID. On most NAS systems, Broadcom MegaRAID cards are used to connect to external storage devices. The storage controllers are responsible for presenting multiple disks as a single volume and ensuring that data safety is not impacted as a result of a failed disk. When a disk fails, the storage controller will often sound an alarm to alert administrators of a fault. The dashboard will also show this as an event and will alert 7FiveFive engineers. Once the issue has been detected, it is often desirable to stop the alarm so as not to disturb operational staff or other users.

Silencing storage enclosures

If the Silence button is greyed out, then silence the alarm for the storage controller is not currently supported via the dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the Node Status page (Found in the System) menu

  2. Select the node/server you want to update the settings for from the dropdown list

  3. Click the Storage tab

  4. Scroll to the Storage Hardware section

  5. Click the Silence button

  6. Once the node has processed the command, the dashboard will display a notification confirming the alarm has been silenced

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