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RED-584 Handle AWS image not ready errors

Bugs fixed

RED-527 Fixed filtering bug in Display protocol session analyser table

RED-579 Retrieving data messages does not clear

RED-581 Dark mode: Select box foreground text too dark

RED-586 Licence tooltip does not display correctly

RED-599 Old collectors not getting cleaned up

RED-600 Frontend: 'DescribeAutoScalingGroups' missing from IAM policy creator

RED-601 Errors in log when AWS platform is disabled

RED-605 Leostream licence expiry date shows in wrong format

RED-606 Error 400 raised on SAML re-auth

RED-607 Display session analyser does not filter dates correctly

RED-609 Available instance type list returns options from multiple sites

RED-610 No icon in the delete workstations modal

RED-611 Disconnect workstations modal grammar error

RED-613 Speedtest gets stuck when speedtest server isn't available

RED-614 Unable to create infra group when none already exist

RED-881 Login errors not displaying correctly

RED-891 SQS queues not created on site creation

RED-900 Permission error when creating SAML certificates

RED-902 Users with a large amount of groups cause cookie errors

RED-923 Infrastructure showing as offline when groups are all online

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