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Starting and stopping the system

It may be necessary to shut down or startup the 7FiveFive NAS system from time to time. For ease of use, we recommend having the nodes configured for iDRAC access, as this allows the system to power on and off the nodes automatically. Contact 7FiveFive Support for assistance with this.

Startup the cluster

It is also possible to configure the nodes to come online as soon as they boot. Please contact 7FiveFive support if you require this.

  1. From the System menu, select Start-up & shutdown

  2. Select Start-up system

To start up an entire cluster, ensure the VM or node hosting the dashboard is turned on first. If iDRAC is not configured to be used, turn on all nodes and then click Start-up system

Shutting down the cluster

  1. From the System menu, select Startup & shutdown

  2. Select Shutdown system

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