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Monitoring system health

From the Dashboard page (In the System menu), users can see an overview of the cluster health, and then a more granular view of the individual node health. Below is a breakdown of each section on the Dashboard.

Dashboard elements

Status banners

Three banners at the top of the page provide quick stats and a status overview of the whole system.


These are movable elements displaying graphs and information about your NAS system. The order of your widgets will be saved in your browser so they are always just how you left them.

Share storage usage

This graph shows how much space is being used per share. Shares need to have a quota assigned to them for this feature.

Storage distribution

A balance cluster is a healthy cluster, this graph shows how much used space is on each brick on each server. This is useful for visualising where the majority of data is being kept.

Volume info

Shows a bar graph, representing the amount of used storage space (per volume) in the cluster and a status indicator for the volume. For most environments, there will only be one volume.

Node status

Each node now has its own section of the panel, which can be expanded or collapsed. An overall status icon indicates if the node is healthy. 

Health vitals

An average of node CPU usage is displayed on the graph. On the second tab, each node’s memory usage is displayed


Things often happen when you’re not looking. The events panel shows recent events which occurred on the system, allowing administrators to investigate issues that they might not have noticed.


Knowing incoming and outgoing traffic can help administrators identify potential bottlenecks or workflow issues. The traffic panel shows the frontend and backend traffic for each node, to visualise this activity on the system.

Client Bandwidth

This section shows a graph displaying the top 5 client IPs consuming the most bandwidth, broken down into receive traffic and send traffic.


This widget shows any running operations and up to three recently completed operations. The status of the operation is shown as a progress bar and will update in real-time.

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