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This release mainly contains bug fixes and small improvements to the Lens Portal.


RED-904 SEC: SAML replay attack mitigation

RED-608 Infrastructure status check should run on non-scheduled groups when an operation is ongoing

Bug fixes

RED-552 Infrastructure groups show wrong status

RED-616 Fix chunk loading error

RED-887 Users with no permission for a site can still see it

RED-888 Events API reports access denied when the user only has the 'Events' permission

RED-890 Deleting a site, then going to the site selector causes errors

RED-896 More trace logging for display protocol probe

RED-898 AWS DescribeImages call now requires owner to be set

RED-899 Unable to edit storage volume settings

RED-903 SEC: Open-redirect vulnerability in SAML flow

RED-910 Infrastructure scheduler events not showing correctly

RED-911 On demand workstations not shutdown

RED-914 Users not redirected to their default page when Duo MFA is enabled

RED-922 Infrastructure group status not updating

RED-929 Sometimes unable to create workstation when multiple subnets are specified

RED-933 Instances from different site included in table selection

RED-940 Inflect module dependency issue

RED-942 SEC: Username validity disclosure on login page

RED-947 SEC: Site data incorrectly serialised

RED-955 Permissions not being merged correctly

RED-964 Sometimes schedule event time will not change

RED-974 Queues not created when adding multiple sites

RED-983 Not all event filters being returned

RED-986 Workstation usage graph does not display data from correct datetime

RED-988 Workstation usage data API keeps getting called after page has closed

RED-989 Edit profile link stays active when on the page

RED-892 autoscaling:UpdateAutoScalingGroup missing from IAM policy generator

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