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Setting up the dashboard

Accessing the settings

The ‘Settings’ page allows administrators access to the Dashboards settings, such as SMTP server, LDAP/AD details and licensing information. 

  1. Under the Configuration menu, select Settings

  2. Change a section’s settings, then click the Save button

  3. Repeat this for each section you wish to change

Available settings

Basic Settings



Customer name

Name of customer/administrator

Customer site location

Location of cluster

Customer support email

E-mail address that tickets will come from when sent to the support system

Cluster Information



Cluster name

The name of the cluster, shown on the Dashboard

Cluster node count

Number of nodes in the cluster


Domain authentication information is no longer required to list Active Directory users, as this is gathered with the credentials used when the system was set up.



Local users

Loads local users/groups into the user/groups list if enabled

Ignore domain users & groups in PAM

For legacy systems that use the old method for gathering AD users

Enable UID/GID filtering

Enable to filter UIDs and GIDs when collecting users and groups

UID range

Set the  UID range to collect users from

GID range

Set the  GID range to collect groups from




Server address

The FQDN or IP for a SMTP server to use for sending support requests

Server port

The port to use for sending via SMTP


The username/email to authenticate with when sending via the SMTP server. Leave blank if no authentication is used.


The password to authenticate with when sending via the SMTP server. Leave blank if no authentication is used


Use TLS/SSL when establishing connection to mail server

Alert recipients

The e-mail addresses that alerts will be sent to

Automatically create support tickets on errors 

When enabled, a ticket will be created in the event system enters a failed state

Send status and performance stats to 7fivefive 

Allows for remote monitoring of system vitals and status

Dashboard Users

See the dashboard users section for more information.


See the licensing section for more information.

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