The Lens Workstation Agent requires an API key in order for access to be granted to it’s API. The Lens Portal needs this API key for the correct functioning of the system. The API key can be set at a site/location level. This article will explain how to set this API key on the Lens Portal. This only needs to be set once for each location/site:

  1. Login to the Lens Portal as an administrator

  2. In the left sidebar, go to the Configuration and select the Settings item

  3. On the settings page, go to the Sites and Collectors section and then select the Manage site option

  4. Select the site that you want to modify from the Select a site dropdown

  5. Select the Workstations tab

  6. Scroll down to the Workstation Agent section

  7. In the Agent API key textbox, enter the new API key that should be used when communicating with all workstations in the site.

  8. Click the Save button