1. Download the latest agent from here.

  2. Install the agent. This can either be done in two ways:

    1. Silently. Here is the command in PowerShell:

      Start-Process "lens-setup.exe" -ArgumentList "/VERYSILENT /WAIT" -Wait

    2. Via the install wizard

  3. Create a strong password or API key and save this for later

  4. Configure the API key for the agent. This should be the same for all Lens Workstations in the site. Here is a Powershell script to do this. Ensure you change line 1 to contain your new API key.

    $ApiKey = "hello"
    Start-Process "C:\Program Files (x86)\7fivefive\Lens Workstation Agent\Bin\ws-agent.exe" -argumentlist "-new-api-key=`"$ApiKey`"" -wait

  5. Restart the Lens Workstation Agent service

    Restart-Service LensWsAgent