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Operation dashboard elements

System quick controls

The system quick controls are located near the top of the dashboard page and provide easy access to core functionality, such as turning the system on/off and creating workstations.

Dashboard widgets

Dashboard widgets are the main way of interacting with the system and controlling its different elements. These are larger and more feature-rich than the status widgets. These widgets can be moved to suit the user’s workflow. Currently, these widgets cannot be hidden. 

  • Desktop Usage
    A pie chart showing the remote edit workstation’s status: Stopped, In-session, Available, Unavailable, Provisioning

  • AWS Costs
    A line graph showing the daily AWS cost over a variable period of time, compared against the previous period. The duration of this period is defined automatically by the amount of cost data that is available. Where possible it will display cost usage over the last 30 days. The last period’s cost and current trend provide an indication of if the AWS spend is increasing or decreasing. This widget requires AWS integration to be enabled.

  • Events
    This widget shows the latest events which have occurred on the system. More information on the events can be seen by clicking the ‘More info’ link.

  • Pool usage over time
    This line graph shows the number of desktops in-session for each pool over the last 24 hours. This can be useful for planning when resources/workstations are required throughout the day. This widget requires the Leostream Broker integration to be enabled.

  • Desktop status
    This widget allows dashboard users to start, stop and perform many different actions to either a single workstation or multiple. The workstation status can be monitored from here and is updated automatically.

  • Pool usage
    This widget shows the availability in each pool. This widget requires the Leostream Broker integration to be enabled. The pools which are displayed in this widget can be customised in the settings.

  • Licensing
    This widget calculates how many broker desktop and PCoIP session licences are in use. For this widget to be accurate, only workstations monitored by the Remote Edit Dashboard should make use of the PCoIP licence code, as their usage is calculated by how many desktops are in a PCoIP session. The number of licences available can be configured.

Status widgets

Status widgets are designed to provide quick access to important information in an easy to read format, while not cluttering your main dashboard. These widgets are also colour coded to indicate their status. Users can select any combination of three of these status widgets to be shown on their dashboard. Below is a list of the available status widgets and what data they show.

  • System Status
    Shows the current status of the infrastructure and indicates if any problems have been found.

  • Pool Usage
    Indicates the availability of workstations in all pools. If a pool has 75% of workstations in use it will display a warning. If 90% of workstations are in use then this will display a critical.

  • AWS Costs
    Provides insight into the current AWS spend by showing the month’s spend. This is calculated from the 1st day of the month until the current day of the month. The widget also displays tomorrows forecasted spend. This forecast is calculated by AWS and usually requires at least 1 month of instance data for this to be calculated. The spend data that these calculations are based off can be controlled via the settings.

  • Provisioning Status
    Shows the total number of desktops currently being provisioned by the system.

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