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2.1.7 release notes

New Features

  • Add native DUO integration

  • When system is trying to shutdown, prevent new users from logging in

  • Customizable key and value to find edit AWS instances


  • Catch 'InsufficientInstanceCapacity' error and present user-friendly message

  • Better error catching when deployment profile has not been completed (AWS)

  • Allow users to be created with . in username

  • Create workstation should be logged to events

  • Allow multiple workstations to be created/deleted at once

Bug fixes

  • VMware: Check UUID received in create vm task is for the new VM and not the template

  • Unable to deselect VMware options in deployment profile

  • TMP folder not created on system startup

  • MySQL gone away errors in log

  • Gunicorn threads get killed off if the domain is uncontactable

  • Fix connection broker detection

  • Unable to cleanup instance records, causing a rollback issue across app

  • AD groups not populating in settings

  • Fix script

  • Infrastructure should only be shutdown if it is defined with power scheduler startup order

  • New instances not added to unassigned instances in infrastructure power-on sequencer

  • Broker desktops not cleaning correctly

  • Domain groups not sorted by username

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