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2.1.6 release notes

New features

Infrastructure Startup Order

Infrastructure instances can now be placed in customisable groups, to control what order they are powered on. With this improvement, there is also an improved graphical representation of where the remote edit system is in the power-on process.


New reporting functionality has been added to provide metrics and statistics on users connection quality and when users connect to the system.


  • Broker commands will retry automatically if the command was unsuccessful or did not return anything (RED-118)

  • Migrated installer and dashboard to use a MariaDB database backend (RED-135)

  • Improved PCoIP session detection (RED-139)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Pool usage’ widget which caused too many data points to be added if the page was left open (RED-2)

  • Infrastructure page refreshes faster (RED-5)

  • Domain users are now hidden from the ‘Users’ page (RED-134)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented any text or username from being shown on the profile link when a first name had not been set for the logged-in user (RED-136)

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some tables from being responsive on smaller device screens (RED-137)

  • Fixed a bug that caused the launch time  of an instance to not be converted from GMT to the systems local time-zone (RED-146)

  • Fixed an issue that prevented domain users and groups from not being updated when a cache refresh was performed (RED-147)

  • Fixed an issue that caused table columns with date or time information to not be sorted correctly (RED-152)

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