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Troubleshooting Idle Logout

The Lens system can log out users that are ‘idle', to ensure that there are workstations available for active users. The Lens Workstation Agent provides this capability to the Lens platform by providing data about how the workstation is being used and handling the logging out of users.

The Lens system monitors:

  • When each logged-in user last interacted with the system via an HID device (Such as the mouse or keyboard)

  • The average CPU utilisation

Checking the current user’s idle status

Sometimes you may want to check if the idle detection is working correctly, so the Lens Agent provides the two pieces of data we use to detect if a system is idle in the Workstation Agent UI.

  1. Open the 7fivefive Lens Workstation Agent

    1. From the Windows Start Menu

    2. From the Windows Notification Area

  2. In the Workstation Agent window, select the Idle status tab


    Select the ‘Idle status’ tab

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