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Registering the workstation

The Lens Workstation agent registers itself with the Lens Collector for your site. This process keeps the communication between the Lens system and the workstation secure. Registration happens automatically when the agent service is started. The agent will attempt to register the system continuously until successful.

For registration to work, the agent needs to know the hostname/FQDN or IP address of the Lens Collector. These are usually set upon installation, but they can be changed after installation too.

Checking the registration status

  1. Open the 7fivefive Lens Workstation Agent

    1. From the Windows Start Menu

    2. From the Windows Notification Area

  2. In the Workstation Agent window, select the Registration tab

  3. You can see the registration status (indicated by an (tick) or ❗ icon), and the current collector FQDN


    The ‘Registration’ tab

Changing the Collector settings

Option 1 (Recommended)

The simplest and safest option is to re-install the Lens Workstation agent with the new collector details.

Option 2

You will need to be a Windows administrator to perform these steps.

Use care when modifying the Windows registry as it stores system settings that are crucial to the stability of Windows.

  1. Open the Windows Registry editor as an Administrator

  2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\7fivefive\Lens Workstation Agent

  3. Update the value of the LensCollectorFqdn or LensCollectorPort as needed

  4. Open Powershell as an Administrator

  5. Restart the agent service

    Restart-Service LensWsAgent
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