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7FiveFive NAS - AFP performance


The Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), formerly AppleTalk Filing Protocol, is a proprietary network protocol, and part of the Apple File Service (AFS), that offers file services for macOS and the classic Mac OS.

Apple have been slowly moving away from the protocol for years, with the last revision to the developer documentation released in 2012. As a result of this, performance and feature sets are lower than other comparable protocols such as SMB.

In macOS High Sierra (10.13), Apple have removed the ability to share files over AFP:

AFP can’t share files on Apple File System (APFS). Apple File System (APFS) is the default file system in macOS High Sierra for Mac computers with all-flash storage. You can't opt out of the transition to APFS when you upgrade a Mac with all-flash storage to macOS High Sierra. Learn more about APFS in macOS High Sierra.

The 7FiveFive NAS system is optimised for SMB and other newer protocols, and therefore a noticeable difference in performance will be seen when using AFP.

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